Friday, June 12, 2009

Why I'm returning my Palm Pre

I got the Palm Pre on its launch date and really had high hopes for it. I've been using Palm products for at least ten years now and have heavily used the calendars, contacts, and to do lists in them.

So here are the reasons I wanted a new phone

1. I wanted to be able to check e-mail and other quick things without booting up my PC

2. I wanted a bigger screen for photos

3. My Centro's keypad light is out

4. My Centro keeps turning on in its holster an but dialing

5. New phones are shiny and fun (I'm easily distracted by small shiny things)

6. I'm a bit of a tech geek so I thought it was time I got a real smart phone I thought I would love it

7. I wanted to be able to sync calendars with my wife

8. I wanted web access on my phone for looking up stuff on the internet

Some things I like about the Palm Pre

1. Pandora works great on the phone for streaming internet radio

2. I can use the Calendar with Google to sync my calendar with my wife’s

3. It has a nice camera for a phone

4. Not too bad of a web experience

5. It can run multiple things at once

6. It has a regular headphone jack for using it as an MP3 player

The reasons I can't live with the Pre any longer

1. The battery life is so short I can’t use all the cool stuff and still be able to make calls

2. Reception for the phone is worse than my old phone

2. Voice quality for the people I'm calling is worse than my old phone

3. The Calendar is really slow and hard to move around in.

4. Even though it is a Palm device it only copied over some of my info from my Centro

5. It requires two hands to do anything and it is uncomfortable to work that way

6. The OS feels more like a Mac than a PC in that you can't customize anything like you could in the old palm devices

7. The Calendar only shows part of a day at a time, you have to scroll down to see the rest of the events in a day or just to see if there is nothing. This makes it hard and time consuming just to see what I have planned for the next day. I could go on about how terrible the calendar is let just say it's really bad and an embarrassment to the Palm name

8. The to do list is also an embarrassment to the Palm name, don't even get me started on how bad it is.

9. Doing anything in the phone is slow and time consuming

10. The screen looks great when it's on but gets smears and looks really dirty when it's off.

11. My wife does not like the phone so if she’s taking hers back we can't sync calendars which was one of the reasons I wanted this phone

12. It is really dangerous to use on the road because you have to look at it and everything takes a while to load. (not that I ever use my phone while driving)

13. When you get a call you can't easily see who is calling until you answer it

14. It is really slow just to move between apps like my phone and calendar

15. There are not enough hard buttons like a nav bar for going up and down or side to side

16. It's not a cheap phone and it has proprietary power connections

17. It's a pain to get at the power plug in (that you have to use all day)

18. It does not have an easy way to move multiple photos to and from the device

19. There is no backup on my PC that makes me just a bit uncomfortable. With the way it constantly syncs stuff if one entry gets corrupted or inadvertantly delegated you could lose it forever

20. I realize that I'm sure I'm wrong about some of this stuff and there may to some hack or way around it but it is not user friendly in that I could not find it in a week with the phone. These are just my personal observations and experiences.

I could go on but I think that's enough

The Palm Pre does some cool stuff but it is awful the basic stuff I used my old Palm Centro for, making calls, quickly looking at my calendar, using the to do lists. Although this phone may be great for someone else it just does not work for me.


Crystal said...

I love how you said you're distracted by small shiny things :)

Chris slowik said...

Pwnt. Sorry to hear that it didn't work out. It looked semi-promising. I heart my new iPhone tho