Sunday, March 23, 2008

List of Podcasts that I'm currently subscribed to.

About a year and a half ago I got a free iPod Nano from Key Bank and I have been using in ever since. I don't really have any music on it but I listen to quite a few podcast (Internet downloadable radio shows) on it. I have also started to get video podcasts that I watch on my computer with iTunes. For some reason I have been getting an error "error 5000" when iTunes tries to download new shows for the last week. So I'm going to try reinstalling itunes and just in case I loose my podcast subscriptions I have them here.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

All CNET video Podcasts

Around the World with AiG's Ken Ham

BTT Airsoft (Backyard Tactical Training)

Buzz Out Loud from CNET

Chase Jarvis Photography -TV Edition

Christian Comedy Podcast

CNET daily tech new podcast

Commercial Photography

The Dave Ramsey Show

Digital Photography Podcast

Digital Photography Tip of the Week

EMS Live iTunes Podcast

EXIF and Beyond: Photography Discussions

Family News in Focus

FamilyLife Today

The FireCast Channel

Firefighting and Fire Exploring

Focus on the Family

Gadgettes from CNET

Grazier Wedding Photography

Inside Digital Photo Radio

Inside Digital Photo TV

James Dobson Family Minute

Jefferson Todd Photography Wedding Slideshows

Layers TV: For Everything Adobe

LensWork- Photography and the Creative Process

Lightroom for Digital Photographers

LightSource Studio Photography Podcast

The Mark Lowry Show

Martin Bailey Photography Podcast (Enhanced Version)

The Michael Medved Show

Mitigation Journal

MP3 Insider from CNET

Nicleman Photography Podcast

NPR: Technology

NPR: Wit Wait... Don't Tell Me!

PediaCast: a pediatric podcast for parents

Photography 101

Photography podcast - photography blog -

Photoshop for Digital Photographers

Photoshop Killer Tips

Photoshop User TV

Photoview Podcast

PlanetGTA Podcast

Plugged In Movie Review

Pro Photography show

The Real Deal from CNET

Real FamilyLife with Dennis Rainey

Security Bites from CNET

Simple Photography Tutorials

Tip and Tricks Photography Prager Medved

TPN::The Digital Photography Show

Venting The Roof

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