Monday, March 17, 2008

How much of a pain is it to sign in?

So the photo hosting service that I have been using is called Phanfare. I have really liked them they not only have a great price but I really like the slide show option with the ability to add my own music, but they are changing to more of a social network than just a paid hosting site. I understand that they have to do it. The company had not been growing and with the sale of lifetime memberships to people like me they will not make any money off me again. This becomes a problem when the initial money runs out. So to make a long story short in order to see my photos you may have to sign in to Phanfare. They will make you sign up for a free account with one Gig of storage space. I have not seen a 2.0 Phanfare site yet but there will me some minor changes to the way it looks and I may not be able to keep my url it will redirect you to I really feel that this a major departure from there original mission statement but I guess if it is necessary to keep the service alive for years to come I should be grateful that I got in on the ground floor and have a lifetime membership with unlimited photo storage.
OK so I'm not really making the story any shorter but in conclusion it sounds like there is a way to get around having to log in to see my main directory page but it would require a bit of work on my end, so I leave it up to you the three people that read this blog, who are the same three that care to look at my photos how much of a pain is it to log in?
Please put you two cents in, and in you get all your friends to put two cents in maybe I can start my own pyramid scheme! Get on board now!
But seriously I want to know what your thoughts are.
Ok it's late I'm going to bed now.

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