Saturday, March 29, 2008

House Fire in Hinckley

While at my parents house in N. Royalton for Isaac's birthday (happy birthday Isaac) my pager when off for a possible house fire with an open phone line on Ridge Rd near the Royalton border. Dropping the X-Box controller I took off in my car. When I arrived the owner and her dog were already safely out of the house with some help from the PD, the kitchen and living room were already well involved. Thanks to the quick response of the Hinckley Fire Dept, and other mutual aid companies we were able to quickly stop the fire and save a good portion of the house. Although there was smoke damage throughout the house only the kitchen, living, and dinning room were burned. I was even able to save a basket of photo albums from from the living room.
According the the homeowner she was frying something in grease left to answer the phone when she came back the kitchen was on fire. She tried to put it out with a towel, the fire quickly spread to the living room curtains. She then called 911 and was only able to get out that her house was on fire and had to leave.
Photo from Channel 3

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