Thursday, February 22, 2007

The End of Winter

Well not really but it is a nice thought anyway. I was sitting at my computer just now when this robin flew right up to the patio door. Surprisingly he stayed long enough for my to get my camera and snap a quick shot of him. I’m working on backing up one of my latest finds. I have been searching for a copy of Family Portraits for over eight months before one of my ebay alerts paid off. No one else even bid on it and I got the full original 13 episodes. Before Focus on the Family started Adventures in Odyssey they ran a test series of these 13 shows on a series of Monday broadcasts in place of their normal programming back in 1987. I have been listening ever since then I have been listening to them on Saturday mornings and colleting their audio tape albums. Between time almost 20 years more than a few tape players that liked to eat tapes I lost a few of the tape. I contacted Focus on the Family and they no longer sold the tapes, and because of the age I could not find them anywhere I even went to several dealers that specialized in old books and tapes. They finally showed up on ebay and I got them for only $8! These Dramas really meant a lot to me I grew up with them, listening to them now brings back memories. I remember never sleeping in on the weekends just so I could be beside the radio for the start of Ranger Bill and Adventures in Odyssey. I think that in a big way these dramas and the messages that they convey have helped to form the values that I have today.
If anyone has or knows anyone who might have the original first Adventures in Odyssey album Odyssey USA please let me know. This in no longer being made and three of the episodes were never remade or rereleased. Thanks

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