Friday, January 12, 2007

One of my new tech toys from 2006

I got a few new tech toys last year the most significant new item that I got last year was my Canon 10D but I would like to talk today about something that I now carry with me just about everywhere. The iPod Nano that I have had for a few months now, has become indispensable to me. I listen to it in the car with my Belkin II FM transmitter, I listen to it while shopping, while working outside, cleaning, and it is a must have when I go to the gym to work out. Unlike most iPod users I have no music at all on my 2G of audio storage. Over the last few months I have been collecting podcasts to listen to. For more info on what a podcast is click here
My Nano has proven to be quite resilient I have drop tested it many times, it has proven to be rain resistant, and has not been damaged by carrying it around in my pocket with no case, it still looks good and functions perfectly even with the rough use that I have put it through.
Podcast are a lot of fun and can be a great learning tool as well as a way to keep up with current events around the world or just on a specific interest. You do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts, you can use iTunes or a similar program to retrieve your favorite radio shows to listen to at your leisure.
Here are some of the podcasts that I subscribe to (they are all free).

Photography Podcasts
The Digital Photography Show
The Professional Photography Show
LightSource Studio Photography
Pop Photo

Buzz Out Loud from CNET
NPR: Technology
The Buzz Report from CNET
The Wizards of Technology
Technology – powered by PodTech
Brain Food

The Dave Ramsey Show

EMS Live
MedicCast News
Radio Firehouse

Jay Sekulow Live
OPSEC Airsoft Radio
President’s Weekly Radio Address
Bill Bennett’s Morning in America
The Michael Medved Show

Airsoft Radio
Loaded Magazine

Family Life
Focus on the Family
Family Life Today
Real Family Life

Around the World with AIG’s Ken Ham Back to Genesis
World Vision Report

Does anyone else podcast? Any new show recommendations? Please share..

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