Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Phone

Nextel came out with two dual band phones, just in time. I previously had a Nextel i530 that was just about indestructible. That was the phone that if you look back in the beginning of my blog I talked about driving over it with my car! After having it for about two year is started to deteriorate which sadly is not uncommon for a cell phone at that age. The direct connect button no longer worked and the phone started just shutting down for no reason in the middle of calls, at that point it was time to get a new phone. When Sprint first bought Nextel my first question was when are they going to make a phone that can use both Sprint and Nextel cell phone towers. As of about a week ago Nextel just came out with two hybrid phones. The model that I have the ic402 retails for over $230 with my two years of not buying a phone I had a $150 credit towards a new phone and I got a $40 mail in rebate. When I bought the phone I was told that Nextel no longer would let me use my 15% civil service/military discount on new phones, this sounded strange to me but I needed a new phone so I bought it anyways. The next day I called Nextel Customer Support and asked them about it and they told me that I should have gotten my discount even on a new phone. With this information in hand I went back to the Sprint store in Brunswick and told them that I should have gotten my discount, they were not happy and said that I was wrong but after offering to return my phone and go elsewhere to get my discount of $12 they ended up giving me a car charger that retails for $22. So in the end the customer (me) who is always right got a new phone with no dead spots found so far for about $20:)

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Bek said...

congrats. you sound like a great deal finder.