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Hearts Soccer Jan 21 2007

Hearts Soccer Jan 21 2007 MPP

(Most Photogenic Player)

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Gabe's Account of the Evening
Our game was Sunday night at ten o’clock, on field 3. Two of our varsity players were missing, Colby and Cameron; so I played for the team and so did Aaron and Josh Schlea. Coach Plummer had our first line up as Pat B., Dan B., Jacob P., Chris Giermann, Brandon, and Pierce B. as goalie. In the first 3 minutes Dan B. scored an awesome goal. We got up a few more goals and then they scored a couple, by the end of the first half it was 9-3. As you can imagine we weren’t concerned about them catching back up to us. But we still played with the same intensity as in the first half. In about five minutes into the second half Josh S. scored a goal and in under a minute he scored another goal! With every goal the crowed cheered loudly, and even with every new line up the crowed cheered for us. Later in the second half I scored a goal, it was one of my sliding on the ground while kicking the ball. I can’t seem to stand up while shooting, it’s just my style. With most teams when you get 7 or more goals ahead they usually stop playing hard and let the balls roll in, but this team played hard even up to the last few seconds of the game. The ending score was close to 16-3.

Written by Gabe Schuster #99

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