Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Missing Medina County woman found

A 79-year-old woman missing for nearly two days has been located.
Norma Becker had walked away from her Granger Township home early Monday. Police, neighbors, friends, and family had searched a mile square area since then.Late Tuesday afternoon, Norma was found on a neighbor's porch on Beach Road, about a mile from her home. Paramedics were evaluating her, but she appeared to be in good shape.The great-grandmother had walked away from her home on previous occasions, and may have a form of dementia.Her 83-year-old husband Charlie says Norma's behavior had changed. "She was a very pleasant woman," Mr. Becker told Channel 3 News. "Now she's afraid of people. Doesn't want to go where a group is."Searchers said their day and a half of work was difficult, but well worth it.

My Fire Department pager went off at about 6:30 this morning for a mutual aid call to Granger to help with a search for a missing person. I quickly got dressed and thankfully had the foresight to grab my waterproof Bellville Gortex boots instead of my usual New Balance all terrain running shoe. Hinckley, Granger, Wellsville, Sharon, The Red Cross, Medina County Sheriffs Dept. with 6 inmates to help search, The Ohio State Patrol, as well as the park rangers among others showed up to help. One of the Medina County Firefighters even brought out his ultra light powered Parachute That was a great help in the search. It was really cool and looked like it would be a lot of fun to fly or ride in.

I spent most of my day fighting my way through heavy brush and wild thorn bushes, at times having to crawl for 200yds at a time to search the extensive woods behind the Becker’s home. It took us about 4 hours to search just the one square mile of woods behind their home.
During one of the points where I was crawling through the brush my radio worked it’s way off my belt and fell to the ground. Once I stood up I realized that I did not have my radio, at the time we had to keep moving so I could not go back for it right away. A few hours later A family member who was helping with his quad was kind enough to give me a lift to go back to the place where I had lost it. I was thinking that I would be able to hear the radio traffic and find it quickly, no such luck. I had a good idea where I must have left it behind and proceeded to crawl back and forth under the brush. At this point I started praying that I would be able to find it and not have to pay for a new one. (I don’t even want to know what a new one would cost) I continued to search and almost lost my pager and phone clip! Because I was moving fast and often keying the mic on the radio that I had, my phone clip popped off and I had to go back 20ft or so to find it, and my pager almost fell off my belt! Just as I was about to give up, I could not hear anything from my radio, I started to head back to the quad on what I thought was very close to my original path. I stumbled right over my radio! It was upside down and I almost went right over it. (apparently I was RIGHT ON my original path). Thank God I found it. I quickly found out that the reason that I could not hear it was that when it fell off the channel had been changed.
I spent the rest of the day searching up and down some nearby roads where she was spotted at 3pm today. We left at about 5pm while other stayed to follow up any new information or leads that came in. I just found out that she had been found about an hour ago by using a Google search.


Jason said...

Wow, sounds like you had a very adventurous day. I would sort of like to be involved in that sort of thing. Sounds fun and fulfilling

Bek said...

i was gonna say the same thing, what an adventure! yes, thank GOD u found your radio!

Anonymous said...

I love the testimony of this, how you prayed and then found your radio!