Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Got a New Free Toy!

It finally arrived today! I opened a Key Bank account less than two months ago only because I wanted an IPod Nano. Although I would not go out and spend $149 to get one free sounded good. I saw the billboard ads and called while at work one day to find out what the catch was, and if they were really still giving away IPods. I had to set up a direct deposit or credit card, have $50 in an account to open a checking account, and now I have a new 2GB Nano. It will be nice to have an IPod. I have had my LifeDrive for about two years but it is to big to easily carry when working out. This Nano is so small I could probably put it in my wallet! It is kind of my late birthday gift, scince my 23rd birthday was only the 9th. It has been really busy with work, weddings, and school, along with the rest of life. I will have more weekends now. Friday Oct 13th 2000 was my enlistment date and Friday Oct 13th 2006 was my last day in the Army. I will no longer have to go away for one weekend a month or two weeks a year in the summer. It is quite freeing to not have the Guard as part of my life anymore. I have to remind myself that I'm not in any more. Someone asked my yesterday if I was in the military and I started to tell them that I was in the National Guard and had to correct myself and tell them that I was in the National Guard.
In any case I look forward to using my IPod at Bally's this week.

Picture taken with my Canon EOS 10D (which I'm still learning how to use)
focal length 28mm
exposure time 1/60
set on Aperture Priority to F/3.5
ISO 100 with diffused 430 flash unit bounced back off a wall

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