Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Union

The latest with the job in UH is that the union is fighting for me. Before I left my job with AMR I had a what they call a conditional offer of employment. I was told that I would start Sunday as long as they got the passing paperwork back from my physical and psych test. Something similar happened in Cleveland Heights FD a while back and the applicant took the city to court and got a job; that is not the way I want to get hired on. Taking your future employer to court is a great way to not make it through your probationary period, and get black listed from all area fire depts.. The union is meeting with the mayor and the city finance officer Friday and we will see what happens.
I have never been part of a union before, but I have to say it is really cool that they are fighting for me when I am not even in the union yet. I used to think of unions as those people that picket in front of Wal-Mart or steel worker on strike for a living wage. So far I really like this union.

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Crystal said...

This is awesome honey!