Friday, August 25, 2006

Riot Training

This month my Guard unit trained for civil disturbances.
Since I will be getting out of the Army Oct. 13th I was able to turn my gear in this month. Because I had no gear I spent most of my day watching the training and taking pictures.I’m almost out it will be nice to not have one of my weekends taken up with the Guard anymore. I served my country and got out of the Army everything I could have wanted. I got my civil service bonus points for getting on a fire department, I made the rank of Sergeant, I have something like 15 different awards and medals, although my unit did not want to do the paper work to put my Bronze Star through I was put in for one, and I got to serve in the major conflict of my age coming home physically and mentally in one piece.

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Anonymous said...

We are all thankful for that last phrase, physically and mentally in one piece! Nice pictures. You must have a good camera.