Monday, July 31, 2006

A "Real" Camera

I just recently got a Canon 10D digital SLR

The single-lens reflex (SLR) is a type of camera that uses a movable mirror placed between the lens and the film to project the image seen through the lens to a matte focusing screen. Most SLRs use a roof pentaprism or pentamirror to observe the image via an eyepiece. It is a big step up from my HP Photosmart 945. I can now use a wide variety of lenses, flashes and other accessory's.

Thank to Papa Jim who is upgrading I got a great deal on this camera with a 26-100mm and 100-300mm Canon zoom lenses as well as a 1Gb card that stores about 310 6MP pictures. With Canon's anti noise filters pictures are more detailed and crisper than those of a pocket size 6MP camera.

Stay tuned for for some of my first shots taken with my new camera.


Jason said...

Caleb is the first to get a digital SLR out of all of us bloggers (okay, not ALL bloggers, but those of us that know what I mean when I say "us").

Anyway, congrats dude

Crystal said...

Really, the camera is really cool. And I had the honor of being his first picture...even though he deleted it =P.

CalebSchuster said...

Thanks Jason (who does not capitalize his name) Even though in the last two years I have learned a lot playing with my HP the SLR has a completely different feel to it.

Glenda said...

Caleb, congrats on the new camera. I love the lilies photo.
I also want to say that you look great in your fireman gear!! As for the job, God is in control and the timing will be best even tho' we would like it to be 'now'.

love, Aunt Glenda