Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Learning About Computers the Hard Way

On the positive side my computer is now working but I had a hard time getting here. To make a long story short my computer was not funtionion as it was meant to. This had really not been a problem until I was trying to burn my Iraq DVD. My DVD would not burn so I set out to find out why. My processer was running at about half the speed it was meant to and half of my physical memory was getting used up to just start windows. It took about about a week to figure out that my computer had been set up wrong from the start and there was a jumper that was in the wrong position. I bought a faster processer just to see if i could have had a faulty processer. Once I put that in the correct postion with my new 2.2Mhz my computer kept stalling out when windows started. I thought it was a clocking problem and tried different software and changing items in my BIOS all with no luck. After a call to Gigabyte my motherboard manufacture I discovered that it was not overclocking my CPU it was over heating! I did not have a lot of experince putting in cpus and had not put the thermal past on correctly, once the past was on the the new CPU installed my computer was back up and running again. I still had to format the hardrive because of some persistant virus that was eating up windows. Now my computer is back up and running at 180%. With the new faster CPU and 1.5 Gigs of memory it was able to finaly finish my long awaited OIF DVD Project! Posted by Picasa


Jason said...

Dude, that is awesome. I'm glad you figure it out! OVERHEATING!

You even told me about the problem and I did not list overheating as a possibility. I'm sorry, I should have figure that one out earlier for you.

CalebSchuster said...

Don't feel to bad Josh and Andy said the same thing