Thursday, June 01, 2006

Surveillance Photography

Last weekend I went to Ravenna for training with my National Guard Unit.
My Platoon was the OP 4 (opposition force, AKA Bad guys) we wore our BDU top inside out to simulate an enemy uniform.

Our first mission was to simply observe how a convoy would deal with a roadblock. This mission was pretty much just myself in the wood line as the observer. My goal was to take some pictures that might provide valuable intel. for my “terror cell”.
As an improvised roadblock my team drug a fallen tree across the road.
The convoy sent one truck ahead to clear the roadblock. The truck came up to the tree and two soldiers got out while the gunner provided security.

The two troops cleared the obstacle out of the way and returned to their vehicle.

Being suspicious the team proceeded slowly forward.
They’ve spotted me! At this point I appear to be an unarmed enemy soldier lying in the tree line. I don’t think they saw my camera. I can hear them talking on the radio and then one SGT gets out and loudly says “OK, let’s pull him out”.

I refuse to be taken as a POW, so I take out my pipe bomb toss it out at them and I take off running through the woods. I hear them yell bomb or something and get back in and drive away.

The mission was accomplished but I was compromised. I’ll hide better next time.

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Jason said...

Ok, that was amazingly cool. I know it's prep for the "real deal", but since it's only a simulation of what might happen it has a very game-like quality to it.

Sounds like fun!