Monday, May 15, 2006


I just recently discovered that I could podcast onto my LifeDrive. This is really quite nice. Now with out having to go all over the web to look for my favorite radio programs they are all automatically gathered and downloaded every day for me. All I have to do is Sync my LifeDrive with my computer in the morning and I ready to listen all day long. I have been taking my LifeDrive to work and listening to audio books while I'm waiting for a call or driving to a pick up. I first got the Idea from Dave talking about The Dave Ramsey Show being a free 1hr Podcast every day. Now I have Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, James Dobson Family Minute, Plugged In Movie Review, Real Family Life, World Vision Report, and of coarse the Dave Ramsey Show. What a great way to get to listen to some great Christian broadcasting whenever I want to.
I've been using Juice - Podcast receiver v2.2 with my LifeDrive Manager. I use a Belkin II FM Transmitter to listen through the speakers in the vehicle. It was supper easy to set up and is almost maintenance free; I just have to clean out old shows I don't want to keep any more. Most of my Podcasts come from Just click on all ministries then podcasting to see a great variety of podcastable programs.
Anybody else out there Podcast? Any good recommendation for new shows?


CalebSchuster said...

My LifeDrive is so Cool!

CalebSchuster said...

Wow I guess no one else Podcasts. Well it is a great way to get great radio programing that I would otherwise miss.