Thursday, April 13, 2006

Case For a Creator, by Lee Strobel

I just now finishing Lee Strobel's book "Case For a Creator" and I don't know how an intellectually honest person can still maintain a belief in evolution. There is so much evidence and knowledge today that points towards an intelligent designer.

I think the problem is that when it comes to creationism or intelligent design people including renown scientists and biologist close their eyes and plug there ears. I was surprised to learn that some of the major evolutionary icons that are still published in today's science books have been know to be bogus for 20 and 40 years, it's the academic equivalent of using the photo of a the Lock Ness Monster and saying that it is proof that he is out there when the man who took that picture admitted on his death bed that is was a fake! There is an incredible amount of misinformation put out to the general public that any scientist worth his NaCl (salt) would laugh at. The public has been deliberately mislead and deceived. I believe that if the general public knew or cared to know the truth evolution would be flatly rejected, but people don't care for the most part and they blindly believe what they see in the comic strips and on sitcoms. With today scientific knowledge it take more faith to believe in Darwinism than to admit that Darwin was wrong 150 yrs ago, which science today proves.

Lee Strobel's book was phenomenal! It was easy to understand and did not hold any punches. It explored the issue from all angles and with many well qualified and respected individuals in the scientific community. The book is a page turner far from any dusty biology school book.

I highly recommend reading this book if you believe in creationism but don't have a solid scientific reason to, or if you are just looking for answers and want to have your eyes opened.

Watch Lee talkin about this issue at:


Bek said...

what you said about evolution and the people believing/living a lie, makes me think of truman show. what a good movie. just saw it again tonite and can't stop thinking about what it implies....

Ó Seasnáin said...

great points Caleb.

Hey, I noticed that you have my full name on your site. Please change that. We had some real problems not too long ago because we had a stalker on our site. Please refer to me as I have named myself.

Ó Seasnáin said...

ps. please do the same with Amy. however, she has completely shut down her blog for similar reasons.

Anonymous said...

So that's why 90+% of scientists and 99+% of biologists don't believe in god. It's because they don't know and you know, hey?

Creation is a MYTH. Get it.

Anonymous said...

"I highly recommend reading this book if you believe in creationism but don't have a solid scientific reason to, or if you are just looking for answers and want to have your eyes opened."

So you're saying people believe in creation without solid scientific evidence to support their claim. It's sound like creationists are stupid, isn't it?

And for people who are looking for answers, for the sake of being openminded, read some scientific books, and study biology and then you can see for yourself how stupid the idea of creation is.

I'm not saying do not read about creation but that you cannot see how stupid it is if you don't know much about science.

CalebSchuster said...

To anonymous from Burwood Australia: Did you know that 98% of statistics are made up on the spot. That sure seems like what you are doing. Where does you information come from? Have You read this book? Lee Strobel was an atheist until he decided to really take a good look at the issue of God, religion, and creation. It really takes a lot of blind faith to believe in evolution who’s main physical evidence is the fossil record, but yet to date not a single viable transitional form has been found. How can you believe a theory and say your beliefs are bases in scientific evidence when the only reason that the theory of evolution is still around is because people are unwilling to admit that there may be more out there than us, that there may be a greater force out there that we can’t completely understand or measure. What are your scientific reasons for believing evolution? For years man has been desperately grasping at straws and spreading misinformation to try and keep this theory alive. Why are we afraid to let intelligent design be taught along side of the THEORY of evolution? Are we afraid of what would happen if minds were opened to other ideas? Are we afraid of what people might start to realize? When Columbus sailed to the Americas 99% of the educated world was sure that the world was flat, and this was common knowledge. What do we believe today that will be thought of as foolish 1,000 years from now?

I’m not a scientist, and I won’t debate the issue with you but I challenge you to read Lee Strobel’s book for yourself and make up your own mind, and do more than blindly following the mass media (which we all know is so good at only reporting the facts!).

King Aardvark said...

Well, the reason scientists as a whole still believe in evolution is because Jonathan Wells' chapter is a giant pile of made-up hooey. It attacks straw-man caricatures of evolution. If you want to understand the actual state of evolutionary science, check out a blog like Pharyngula or even go to Wikipedia and look up things that Strobel mentioned to see if it jives.

I can tell you want to know, or else you wouldn't have read Strobel's book. Do yourself a favour and explore the other side of the debate.