Saturday, March 18, 2006

UPAR (Unit Public Affairs Representative)

UPAR stands for Unit Public Affairs Representative. I was chosen by my company commander in the National Guard to be the UPAR for the 135th MP Company. I went down to Columbus for training on the 11th and 12th of March.

The duties of the UPAR are include preserving your units history, and highlighting the events, promotions, and training of the members of your unit. A UPAR is also responsible for informing the public and training and assisting media personal. An example of what a UPAR does is taking pictures of soldiers that are promoted, getting the information, and sending it into the local newspapers. UPARs are also responsible for writing stories about training events and deployments. When deployed a UPAR can be responsible for dealing with media representatives and helping reporters that chose to imbed with a unit.

Our two-day training consisted of about a dozen power point presentations presented by many different speakers. The conference included brief classes and overviews on subjects such as basic writing, writing a photo cut line, web page design, and basic photography and shooting videos.

I was able to learn from this weekend but I was disappointed at how fast everything moved. There were many classes that barley scratched the surface of an issue. The web page design class was really short and I did not get any thing out of it. It was an interesting experience with a lot of exposure to subjects like basics on how to produce a media release for radio, TV and newspapers.

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Bek said...

that sounds like fun! if i were a soldier, maybe i'd like to do that.