Friday, March 31, 2006

Jumping Through Hoops

At times it can really get frustrating taking civil service test. Every city has there own application process and most have their own physical agility test. To just put in an application to take a test its costs on average $25 money order only, so then I have to go get a money order an pay extra for that. I have had to get physical signed by doctors, some test require photos, some a Tri-C physical agility test taken within the last eight months, most require that they be notarized and now some are requiring an official college transcript witch cost another $8. It seems like half the test is just getting the application filled out and submitted correctly, some application have been like writing an autobiography just filling them out. It can just be so frustrating at times when cities require so much and your chance of getting actual hired is so small. It is common for two hundred firefighters to test for a city that has no plans to hire anyone. Some times is seems like just another way for cities to make money.
After one test I over heard a few guys saying there goes another $40 donation to another city.

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Jason said...

Wow, that really blows. It's more than just jumping through a couple of hoops. With as much as you are doing you should get a job at the circus (Doing amazing hoop jumping that will amaze the masses).