Saturday, March 11, 2006

Blogging From Panera

Not only does Panera Bread have good bread, they have free Wi-Fi!
I'm writing this while sitting at a table inside a Panera location in Columbus with my Life Drive and folding keyboard. Isn't technology wonderful! (at lest when it works)

Well I'm in Columbus for a Public Relations class with the Army. Our confrence started this morrning and has been moving along well. We got to see some great videos from Iraq and Katrina with the Ohio Army National Guard in them. We have talked about things like operational security and working with local agencies and our public relation office here in Columbus. Being a public relation NCO is an additional duty that the National Guard has given me. I told my Capt. that I liked to play around with cameras and Photoshop and the next thing I know I'm going to Columbus.
Yesterday was a bit hectic. Half way down here I relised that I had neglected to bring along a brown t-shirt to complete my uniform for the weekend. After getting lost twice and stopping for directions three times I found a Khols and got a brown shirt with a big white logo on the front. I should be OK as long as I don't have to take my top off.
I should be home Sunday evening.


chocolateysmiles said...

Oh baby take it off, take it all off! hehe

Crystal said...

What happened?? I can't seem to log in as Crystal today!

Bek said...

sounds like a great opportunity. you'll have to tell us more about it. nice liberty shirt.