Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New GMail+Talk

Has anyone else tried the new GMail talk? I'm not a big online chatter but I like the fact that this runs inside Internet Exploer and not on my computer so I can use it where ever I go while GMail keeps a record of it for me. I also like the fact that does not make sounds and only is avalible when I am logged in to check my mail.

As my Google link says "Google Rocks"

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Jason said...

Google Talk also has an IM client that you can install on your computer. I can actually talk to you (you being in internet explorer in your gmail account) while I am not logged in to my gmail account but am instead using the GoogleTalk IM client. They works together.

The bonus you get out of using the IM client is that supposedly you can use your microphone and physically talk to people.