Tuesday, January 31, 2006

School (The reason I'm not blogging)

I'm back in school most of my classes are online this semester. I'm working on finishing my As. Degree in Emergency Medical Technology. With my coursework and my job I have had less time to play with photos and post them on my blog.
I got a new 300 Gig Hard drive! Once I get my computer back up and running with the new drive I might be able to finally finish my two year DVD project. I came home from Iraq with thousands of digital pictures and a few hundred prints! I stated out with a few weeks of scanning my prints so I could put them on the computer with the rest of my pictures. After days of sorting and deleting I started creating a Power Point slide show. Months later I finish it. Only then did I realize that Power Point is not a great way to share pictures. After getting frustrated and giving it up for a while I came back to create a DVD using Adobe Primer Elements (one of the few programs I have paid full price for). I finished setting up my DVD by Christmas and then was unable to burn it to DVD because of the limitations of my computer. I'm really hoping that this new hard drive will give me the disc space I need to burn my project to DVD. I will keep you all updated and maybe I will actually have a DVD completed in the next few weeks.

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