Tuesday, January 31, 2006

DSLR vrs Point & Shoot

Olympus unleashes first live LCD DSLR (from Pop Photo) Reading this preview has once again brought the Idea of getting a DSLR camera. This camera is half DSLR half point and shoot what I'm used to. I really don't have a good reason at this point to change from my current camera. When ever I look into "Real Cameras" I feel like having a point and shoot camera is like not having a real camera.

I would like to have a Hot Shoe for better flash pictures. I get so frustrated with dimly lit party's and dark indoor pictures. I try to slow shutter speed but I just get blurry pics. When I speed up the shutter speed or film speed I just get dark or grainy pics. Shutter lag is not my biggest problem but it seams like more and more I have problems getting my camera to auto focus in time to capture the moment. I'm really not trying to complain about my camera it has taken some great pictures for me and it has performed extremely well over the last year that I have had it.

What the real issue is I need to get more education first but I'm not sure where to go. I need something between a beginners digital camera class and a formal SLR photography education. I would like to some day upgrade to a DSLR I don't think I could ever go to a film camera. I love working with digital pictures and digitally editing. My digital camera has paid for itself with the savings in film and processing costs. This camera has helped me learn a lot and showed me just more of how much I don't know. Any ideas or suggestions?

I will probably end up waiting for some better technology (it's getting better every day). I like the Idea of a DSLR but I would want a much larger Mega Pixel ability(better than 12) with the ability to put Macro and super telephoto lenses. I guess in the end it is all about size:)

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Laura said...

For me, it came down to the cha-ching. I could not afford what I really wanted so I researched and researched (a good site is dpreview.com) and got the Panasonic FZ20K. I love it...and I think of it as a ~real~ camera..ha! A friend of mine recently bought the Canon 5D and she loves it...I almost fell over when I saw the price on it. Holy Toledo. But...if you can swing it, it rocks.
I could not go back to film, either. A few years ago, I swore I'd never go digital, but truth be told, I simply can't justify the cost of film anymore. I can take 200 digital pics, love only one of those pics and delete the remaining 199 of them. If I did that with film I think I'd feel like I'd been mugged on the street.
Good luck!!