Saturday, December 17, 2005

Killing Time by Caleb Carr

I recently read this book at random mostly because of the author’s name. I have come across this author when goggling to find my own blog. The book is a little hard to follow at first; it is only after reading past a quarter of the book that things start to make sense. The story it self was dark. This futuristic work of fiction starts out with Historian Gideon Wolfe discovering that the assassination of President Forrester five years ago has been digital altered and history that effects today and the fate of the known world has been falsified. Death seams to follow this mystery and those who try to reveal the truth. Gideon escapes death and meet up with a professional group of information manipulators who have secrets that if believed could change the way the world is viewed. This book bring questions about the internet and how the public takes what is on the web for truth. How much of what we see on the web and in e-mail do we take as truth? This book is a great piece of literature and brings up powerful issues of right, wrong and what decisions should man make. What are some examples of the public being deceived by false information of the web? If you like futuristic fiction I would recommend reading this book. This book is a powerful work, but the story is a bit dark at times. I personal rate it at 7.3 out of 10.

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CalebSchuster said...

An example that I vaguely remember was when the government had to come out and say that there would be no tax on the usage of the internet because the widely propagated myth that the government was going to find a way to tax internet usage.