Friday, November 25, 2005


Things that I am thankful for…

My Lord and Savior
My beautiful wife Crystal
My Family
The ability to spend thanksgiving together
Our apartment
My car with new tires! It Runs great
My health
My job
The ability to stay in school this year
Finally being a Paramedic
Only working one day out of three 24on 48off
The change of season
My family’s good health
The continuous and daily blessing from God and many many more

Thank you God


Crystal The Thinker

She can almost take her glasses off with her toes!
Elisa with Gabe's ball python


O'Seasnain said...

you forgot your vita mix.... hello? :)

CalebSchuster said...

your right! I will have to put under the many more.

Bek said...

i love the snake picture. she looks like "hey i hold snakes everyday"