Thursday, October 20, 2005


I try to not get to excited about any one fire test because so many other people take them. I've taken test where 400 people showed up and the city is not even hiring! A while back I took Brunswick's test, there were about 120 applicants there. I recently got my score back and It said that an eligibility list would be made available at the City Hall. I went down the other day and to my surprise I was the 15th on the list. So I did better that 105 other applicants. This is really great considering that Brunswick is looking at building a new station and possibly taking over Brunswick Hills Fire District. I have heard from some of their officers that they will be looking at hiring 12 or 13 new fire fighters. With civil service application it is standard to interview the top 10 for the first position and so on. Meaning if they hire even just 6 I should be getting an interview. Please pray that this goes well. I have spent the last six years of my life training and getting in a good position to get on a full time fire dept. Even joining the National Guard was a calculated decision to get bonus points on a civil service test.


Jason said...

15? Nice man, that means that 5 affirmative action positions put you into the top 20 people ;)

O'Seasnain said...

ooo. This is clearly an indication that Jason is an inconsiderate white man, with repressed hatred for his brothers from different mothers.

in any case, congratulations! I will certainly keep you in my prayers.