Sunday, September 04, 2005

Disaster relief update

Hey everyone! My name is Crystal, I'm Caleb's fiancee and will be updating you guys on his mission to Mississippi. Right now they are in Hattiesburg, MS heading to Gulfport. The sight there is like one right out of a natural disaster movie. Houses and businesses are torn apart and there is debris everywhere. The cable, electric, and gas companies are doing what they can to repair and restore power. They're still finding bodies and the smell is horrible. But these amazing men and women of the armed forces are working around the clock to provide relief to survivors. They are bringing supplies and are rescuing victims who have been waiting for help. On the brighter side of things Caleb and I will be getting married on September 24th which is only 20 days away! They sent him on the 1st of September and he will be arriving back on the 20th. We have been together for almost 2 years and were engaged September 15 2004. We met online through the Yahoo Personals while he was in Iraq. That's right he was also in Iraq and was gone for almost a year. I'll tell you this guy has been everywhere! He said his most memorable experience was being in Panama. The only "foreign" country that I've been to was canada. No matter how long I've known him or how much I see him, Caleb never ceases to amaze me. He has such a big heart and is working so hard down there not only to rescue victims, bring supplies, and help clean up, but he also helps to give them hope. When he's not on guard duty, he is a part time firefighter/paramedic with Hinkley fire department in Hinkley OH. He's hardworking, kind, smart, funny, respectful, and incredibly goodlooking to boot! He loves his family and is a great friend. But the most important thing is that he will be a wonderful, loving, and devoted husband and future father. OK, I'll stop bragging! Haha! I just got off the phone with him and they had stopped for gas. I guess the gas prices down there are outrageous too, but that's to be expected. He told me he's getting so sick of eating fried chicken and watermelon. It's all they've been eating for the past 3 days. Subway anyone? He is faithful in calling me every day and letting me know the latest on their relief efforts. And when he let's me know I'll let all of you know. In the meantime, please keep him and his comrades and the victims that are still there in your thoughts and prayers. God will get us through this.

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Jason said...

Tell Caleb to do something about those idiots with guns that are shooting the rescue workers. Those guys don't deserve to live. They are responsible for many lost lives, on top of anybody they actively kill.